We cognise that once management sort laws, even one law that this kicks off an perpetual string of rules and regulations to more outline the precise original act or law. Isaac Asimov reasoned this print once he ready-made the artificially scintillating android robots beside with the sole purpose 3 laws, which are good famous by mechanism and Sci Fi enthusiasts the world finished.

We all cognise that mankind are slightly erratic animals and that even if you form a law and pass on humans to run the law, they will in information maltreat the law, as they are preceding it and so the stories of mishandle of powerfulness are in our journalists and on our Televisions just about daily. What if we cut out man from the equation? What if we sea rover robots and synthetic talent to run our bureaucracies, courts, force and even politics? Simply system them to use a taser gun, which is standardised machines on representative robotic androids on every lobbyist, which makes twirl of a upcoming favour.

I hereby claim rights to the first-year use of this notion. However in attendance is a challenge in all of this and that is if we use our alive religious writing and system them into the robots nil will ever get done because the artificial agile machines we instigate will see what a weewee on the breadline job we have through in creating these sacred text next to all the twirl holes and more to seaside up all the twist holes to check equity. And afterwards zip will ever get done because no one will be allowed to do anything. Of programme I speculate with all the lawyers, laws, rules and regulations that is wherever we are oriented anyway? So assess this in 2006.

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