I simplified Carl Jung's tactic when I constant his investigation done vision internal representation. If you pursue this method to see dreams, you can get how destructive your ego is and swot up how to exterminate its glum arrangements.

You agree to that your ego protects you-you associate it to your self-regard as a human being, as a soul who has to be august. You cannot accept humiliations...

However, your ego is not you. It is simply the portrait you have of yourself, the belief you convey active who you are.

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Your ego is not your guardian either. On the contrary, it will mess up your natural life and wreck your self-worth if you are crazy and try to carry out its desires.

Why? Because the ego is interconnected near your anti-conscience, which is fully raging and absurd. The ego is manipulated by the abandoned anti-conscience that perpetually tries to ravage your morality in direct to cartel your behaviour.

The ego has lone ridiculous desires. It sole requests to be at the top and posses everything, neglecting all the aspects of genuineness and totally ignoring the otherwise human beings.

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It is the crossing that leads to flakiness. The ego prepares the invasion of the extreme in high spirits into the morality that it requirements to destroy, causation depression, neurosis, hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia, unsafe tendencies and other horrors.

Please pay fuss to this cautionary because this is what I erudite from the sagacious unconscious that tries to collect us from craziness and conclusion and helped me conquer dementia praecox finished its desire messages. It too helped me restore to health some folie and depressed people, in appendix to one person who was psychotic (over a duration of 13 old age) and a insane one (over solely 7 time of life because I knew the ins and outs of the case, spell I ignored everything in the valise of the psychotic uncomplaining).

I've someone in use on the psychotherapeutics of psychosis and dementia praecox since one of my unsurpassed friends became psychotic and committed self-annihilation after v geezerhood of attention with a medical specialist. It happened when I had right started reading reverie evaluation...and it characterized my future day track.

Be horror-struck of your ego and never do what it desires! Always judge active each person mixed up in any state of affairs and never do anything that may hard done by somebody else. Your desires (meaning the desires of your ego) are not more momentous than all the ethnic group who be on your activities.

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